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dog on computer

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline and I am the CEO of Pawcauses. We are a Design Agency for the Pet Industry. We cater exclusively in all things related to the Pet Industry. Whether it be a website, custom web slider, e-commerce store, flyer, brochure, business cards, etc. we are here for you to make and keep customers who are satisfied and keep coming back for more. We provide you with services that will help you target the right markets and help you shine amongst all the rest, increase your customer base, help you increase your revenue and much more. Above all our services are affordable and we donate 10% of our fees to cat and computer mouseanimal organizations.

We have been in the Graphic Design field for the past 27 years. We have had greeting cards, flyers, kids coloring books, logos and much more published.

Good quality’s of a great website

No matter its purpose, a site should be useful, easy to navigate, uncluttered, easy to find, and meet its purpose. An effective website does not have to be expensive to build or too eccentric. In fact, it is the simplest of pages that sometimes get the message across the most quickly and effectively.

Credible, valuable information  No matter what the purpose of the site is, the information contained in it should be useful to the visitors. If the material is outdated, poorly edited, or incomplete, readers will feel cheated and will most likely look for an alternative source of information next time they are reading about the topic.

Accessibility and Usability  It does not matter how useful the information on a website is if the readers have trouble locating it. Disorganized pages, too many links, articles that go nowhere, and many other details can complicate the use of a website and turn the reader off.

DesignSimplicity is key in a good website. Lots of graphics can frustrate a reader with a slow internet connection. Music, animation and color can be powerful tools if used appropriately, but they can also be a sign of an amateur website. Moving cursors and cute cartoon characters are out of place on a business page, for example.

Domain nameWebsites that people go back to often have names that people can remember off the top of their head. A complicated domain name or one that is clearly hosted on a free server typically does not convey the image of professionalism.

PurposeWhatever the purpose of a site is, a good website meets it. If an owner knows what he wants his or her website to achieve, half of the purpose is already met. Unfortunately, many websites are too broad and lack a specific focus. This can confuse readers and often leads to a disorganized look that does not inspire confidence.